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Prosthodontics Specialist in London

Prosthodontics is a special branch of modern dentistry, which deals with the prosthetic restoration of missing teeth and associated head and neck structures. It involves reconstruction and replacement of teeth that are damaged due to congenital disorders and traumatic injuries. Our Prosthodontics specialist in East Dulwich, London restore normal functioning of the mouth by creating prostheses and restorations, including complete dentures, crowns and implant retained or supported restorations.

When to go to a Prosthodontics

You are facing serious dental aesthetic problems like:

Benefits of visiting a Prosthodontist in London

Visiting our Prosthodontist will help you overcome a host of problems including:

In addition to the factors mentioned above, our experienced Prosthodontist provide special care for geriatric patients apart from treating children born with cleft palate or missing teeth.

Treatments provided by the Prosthodontic experts

Our competent Prosthodontic treatments are effective in the following cases.

There can be several factors behind teeth damage, including trauma, teeth grinding, exposure of teeth to acid resulting from improper diet or disease and reduction of salivary flow. A prosthodontic expert cures such cases using fillings, veneers and crowns depending on the requirement of a patient. The level of complexity in each case varies widely and this requires sound skill set of the dental expert to provide all-round solutions to patients.

Prosthodontic treatments also help to resolve missing teeth problems. Depending on a patient’s condition, a Prosthodontic expert recommends complete dentures, removable partial dentures, dental implants, fixed bridge or a combination of these treatment alternatives.

Dental implants provide better alternative to conventional tooth replacement, making life easier for people with tooth loss problems. Tooth loss affects one’s self-confidence and personality at some point or the other. Dental implants provide a realistic solution to such psychological issues.

Prosthodontics ensures the artificial components are not only functional and comfortable but also blend easily with the environment inside a patient’s mouth. Our major cosmetic prosthodontics treatments include placing complete ceramic esthetic crowns or "caps" into the teeth, placing veneers to hide defects and bleaching discolored teeth. We are also skillful in using bonding technology on tooth’s surface to change its shape or fill up unwanted gaps.

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