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Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a unique teeth straightening treatment which moves your teeth within a time period of six months. The revolutionary braces system uses advanced clear braces which fit exactly with your tooth colour without causing any public embarrassment.

Conditions treated with the special braces

The clear braces can treat several orthodontic problems such as:

The process involved

At the initial stage, photographs and x-rays are taken to diagnose your dental conditions. Following this, impressions of your teeth will be sent to the laboratory for customised set of six month braces. The custom-made braces are fixed on your teeth with support of the arch wire. A routine check-up will be required every four weeks to check the position of wires. You need to get the wires tightened at the clinic. Spaces are created by polishing the tooth enamel to let the teeth move easily. You can notice results in a couple of months, but the final results require an average period of six months.

You will be advised to wear retainers post treatment to restrict your teeth from moving back to their original position.

Advantages of Six Month Smiles

Better option for adults

It is a unique technique of obtaining straighter teeth in a short period of time. Adults having misaligned or crooked teeth do not want to go for those long term braces procedure. Six month smiles help them to improve their appearance cosmetically without largely affecting their bite. It is a gentler and more comfortable way of moving the protruded teeth to the correct position. Candidates for teeth straightening who don’t want to take the pain of putting on metal braces for years can choose six month smiles as an efficient alternative.

After-care tips

Cost associated with the procedure

Six month smiles is a comparatively less expensive technique to other available straightening methods. Your expense for the treatment largely depends upon the dental practice and the severity of your case.

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