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NHS dentistry includes both major and minor dental care treatments for people who are in an urgent need. The general treatments that fall under the NHS are dentures, crowns, bridges, dental implants and orthodontics along with the medical needs of patients.

When you look for our NHS dentist in East Dulwich , your basic details like your name, date of birth and contact information will be taken to arrange the first appointment. Our NHS dentists at the Dulwich Dental Clinic will always try to deliver the best dental service in order to provide the most optimum results. We provide fully free NHS services to children below the age of 18 and follow a band scheme for the payment procedures for patients that are not covered under the NHS.

Role of a NHS dentist


Book an appointment with our NHS dentists if you want to undergo any of these dental treatments.

Partially or Fully NHS Funded Treatments

We welcome all NHS patients at the dental practice in Wimbledon for:

How to schedule your appointment with an NHS dentist:

On booking our NHS dental services in Dulwich, we will check your basic details like name, date of birth and contact details to schedule the appointment. Our NHS dentists ensure to deliver the best possible dental services to our patients.

You may call us by dialing our number 020 31373501 or review us on Google. The charge you need to pay will depend on the treatment that you need to perform for your healthy teeth and strong gums. You will be charged only for the services offered in each band, even after several visits to complete the treatment. If you are not exempt from the charges, then you will have to pay any of these charges for each course of treatment:

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