Most times, when you have a dental emergency such as a broken, chipped or loose-fitting teeth, you may need to carry out some vital activities to help manage the condition and prevent it from getting worse before you see your dentist. These guidelines for handling dental emergencies would also help during this pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) period as routine dental care are unavailable.

Broken And Chipped Teeth

If your tooth is chipped or a part of your tooth has broken off, it will create a sharp edge that digs into your tongue, lips or cheek. If this condition begins to cause you to feel pain, you should

If the pain is intense or the damage caused by the broken or chipped teeth to the cheek or lip is severe, you can contact the Dulwich Dental Office for further advice.

If your tooth is broken or chipped, but you do not feel pain, you would not need to fill the tooth but ensure that you take care of the tooth until you can visit your dentist to get professional attention.

Pain associated with wisdom teeth

Between the ages of 18 to 25 if not more, it is common to have problems with erupting wisdom teeth. They can sometimes get caught at the back resulting in a swollen gum, pain, limited mouth opening, bad breath and generally feeling unwell. Please feel free to contact us at Dulwich Dental Office where one of our team of dentists can help you tackle the problem as remotely as we can.

Initially we advise our patients to keep the area clean by using warm salty water and possibly using a mouthwash or gel and apply it to the area. A common one used is Corsodyl which is readily available at most pharmacies.

If this is still not helping, we would advise a mild course of an antibiotic, so please do contact us, as we are open for this and can provide you with the appropriate antibiotic.

Loose or missing crowns and veneers

If you are experiencing pain from a loose or missing crown, ensure that you do the following

If you feel you are up to it, try re-cementing the crown using a temporary crown cementing gel known as temporary cement. You can get this temporary cementing gel online or at your local pharmacy.

If you cannot fit the crown yourself, keep it clean and in a safe place until you can see your dentist. Do not fix your crown using superglue or any other type of non-dental adhesive.

Loose Or Rubbing Dentures

Just like a loose tooth, a loose denture can cause a significant amount of discomfort so if you have any issue with your dentures, you can try the following

If your dentures are causing you to have mouth ulcers, you can contact Dulwich Dental Office to speak to one of our dentists to get more guidelines on how to manage the mouth ulcers.

You can also book an appointment with us to get a long-term solution for your loose-fitting denture.

Lost Filling Or A tooth with a hole

If your filling is lost or you have a hole in your tooth which is causing you pain, you can manage it by following these steps

If you do not wish to use a filling material, you leave your tooth as it is but you may be at risk of further decay. Ensure that you continue to floss or use your interdental brushes then brush your teeth thoroughly to prevent infection and toothache.

If you can manage a lost filling or a hole in the teeth at home, ensure that you schedule an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible to get a long-term solution and professional help.

If you have any other emergency dental problem that is affecting you in any way and is not discussed above, do not hesitate to contact Dulwich Dental Office on 02086933339 or 02086939970 or email us on for emergency support.

Any other issues

We have tried to cover most emergencies above, and be rest assured that we will do whatever we can to help you with any other possible issues. Please do contact us at the surgery.

We should hear over the course of the next few days/weeks when we can officially see patients face to face.

From Dulwich Dental Office

We would sincerely like to thank our patients for their understanding during this COVID-19 situation. At Dulwich Dental Office, the well-being and safety of our patients and their families are our priority, so once it is safe for our practices to re-open, we would do so.

We would like you to contact us and book an appointment for when we would re-open as no doubt there is going to be a large backlog of patients requiring remedial treatment.

If you experience any dental emergency, call us, and we would offer immediate telephone support and advice.

In the mean time, stay safe and lets all look after our NHS.

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