Foods for Good Dental Health

Your Dental Health Condition is influenced by the Foods You Eat

Did you know that your food habits have an impact on your oral health condition? Well, it is extremely important to become more conscious about the type of food you eat and how it can have an effect on your teeth and mouth. This, in turn, will help you prevent some oral health problems. Apart from proper dental care, nutrition is said to be the powerful tool that helps stay away from tooth loss, decay and gum disease.

Dental health problems are related to bad nutrition 

You can prevent tooth loss and gum disease by taking good nutritional food that are essential to maintain proper dental health and hygiene. Other than this, seeing a dentist for routine checkups is necessary to know the overall condition of your mouth.
If you consume lots of sugary foods, this will increase the risk of tooth decay. The bacteria in your mouth feed on the sugar and convert it into acid thus, attacking the tooth enamel.

However, it is not only sweets and sodas that may lead to serious dental problems. Chewy and sticky foods like dried fruits as well as starchy foods that include bread might get stuck in between the teeth, thus forming cavities in the mouth. There are some acidic foods like citrus fruits and tomatoes that can cause erosion on the tooth enamel thereby, causing tooth decay.

Poor nutrition is the main cause for gum disease. If you do not have proper nutrients in the diet, chances are your oral tissues will not be able to prevent infection. Thus, you might suffer from gum disease and other oral problems. 

Take well-balanced meal for better dental health 

You should think carefully before choosing your food items and drinks to maintain good oral health. Your diet chart should consist of proper nutrients which require planning the meal beforehand and different food items from all food groups. Make sure your diet has whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean fruits and fat free dairy products. Avoid eating fad foods that restrict eating some food items that can be the reason for nutritional deficiencies.

It is advised to plan your meals in advance as this can help in developing good eating habits and avoid eating fatty foods when you are hungry. Drink lots of water after every meal and keep your mouth moist to protect it from further decay.

Restrict eating snacks between the meals for good oral health

Taking some light snacks is not a problem for your dental health if you choose healthy items like an apple, cheese cubes or carrot sticks. However, if you have the habit of taking snacks too often, this might be the reason for oral health problems.

When eating meals, there is excess saliva released in the mouth.  The main purpose is to get rid of small food particles and decrease the effects of digestive acids. This will help to stay away from tooth decay and mouth cavities. Besides, you brush and floss after the meals, but do not do so after taking snacks. So, snacks are most likely to cause damage to your mouth.
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  Sep 26, 2017


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