Modern Orthodontic Treatment

Modern Orthodontic Treatment and Its Advantages

Orthodontic dentistry has improved a lot in the recent times. Thus, it is easier as compared to the past to resolve misaligned teeth problems. A skilled orthodontic expert can solve the problem of your misaligned teeth. In the modern times, the bold metallic braces have been replaced by discreet invisible aligners made from transparent plastic.

This allows you to keep the treatment discreet and avoid embarrassment in public resulting from the prominent metallic wires and braces. Moreover, the plastic aligners can be taken out and again slipped on any time. This allows you to enjoy your favourite foods and drinks while undergoing the treatment. Conventional orthodontic treatment doesn’t offer this flexibility and thus, compel patients to go on restricted diet during the entire course of the therapy.

If you think orthodontics is only meant for teeth straightening, you’re wrong. It caters to a lot of other aspects related to healthier teeth and the gums. The benefits that the branch of dentistry offers are as following:

  • More effective cleaning: Metal wires and braces don’t allow you brush and floss the teeth properly. In fact, food particles get stuck to the metal and the risk of developing cavities increases while undergoing the conventional orthodontic treatment. Whereas, the discreet braces allow you clean your teeth properly.
  • More satisfactory social life: Teeth misalignment takes a toll on one’s social life. These people suffer from building proper communication with others. Trapped food particles between the misaligned teeth lead to bad breath. Orthodontic therapies can literally rebuild your social life.
  • Better teeth protection: Our teeth are prone to disease and decay when exposed to harmful bacteria. Severely decayed teeth have to be surgically extracted. Orthodontic therapies minimise the chance of both decay and extraction of the teeth. So, you won’t have to suffer from tooth loss problem.
  • Lesser chances of cavities: Misaligned teeth are more prone to develop cavities. Because of the misalignment, food particles easily get stuck between the teeth. These trapped food particles decompose overnight, making way for the harmful bacteria, which in turn set in tooth decay. Modern orthodontics not only corrects your teeth alignment but also minimises the chances of your teeth decay.
  • More effective chewing and digestion: Misaligned teeth don’t allow you to chew foods properly. As a result, your metabolic system doesn’t digest the foods properly. When your dental misalignment problem is solved, you not only chew foods properly but your system also digests them better.

The alignment of your teeth has a crucial role on aspects of their strength and health. The teeth are strong when they are held together firmly. On the other hand, misaligned teeth are naturally weak and have much shortened life. Dulwich Dental Clinic is a reputed destination for the latest range of orthodontic treatments in London. Feel free to visit to solve all your orthodontics-related problems. Here, you’re assured to get the best care and treatment at the most competitive price.  


  May 10, 2018


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