Know Before Whitening Your Teeth

4 Things to Know Before Performing Teeth Whitening Treatment

Your bright smile is the ultimate source that can really boost your overall confidence. If you have dark shaded teeth, then this will demotivate you from smiling in public places. Thankfully, teeth whitening is an effective and quick solution to get whiter teeth and improve your confidence. There are some preparations involved in these treatments that will allow you to attain the desired results. Whether you want to whiten your teeth at the dentist’s office or at home, check out a few things that you should know before undergoing the treatment.

  • Schedule a routine dental checkup It is important to fix a routine dental check-up before the whitening session for your successful treatment. The dentist will check your oral health condition and take other needs into consideration before considering the whitening treatment. As some stains cannot be treated or removed with a whitening procedure, you will need to talk to a dental professional before proceeding further. 

    Your dentist can tell if you are the right candidate for the treatment. Professional bleaching gel is not a suitable solution for internal stains that occur due to decay, trauma or long-term exposure to antibiotics. Whitening treatments are good for external stains that are only caused by eating, drinking and smoking. There are various options for teeth whitening for both at home or in your dentist’s office. Speak to your dentist to find out which method is most suitable for you.
  • Choose pre-treatment teeth cleaning – Whichever treatment you may choose, make sure that you clean your teeth properly before the treatment to improve the results of the whitening procedure. When tartar or plaque is built up on the teeth, the bleaching products used might not catch properly and thus, they will not work to the best of their ability.

    With proper cleaning, you can get rid of tartar and other sediments that you cannot remove at home. Make sure you maintain good dental hygiene in the weeks following your treatment. Brush and floss daily to prevent any kind of dental problems that might delay the whitening procedure. Our dentists also offer an in-office teeth whitening procedure to fight decay and sensitivity for the most desired results. 
  • Desensitise sensitive teeth – A common side effect of the teeth whitening treatment is teeth and gum sensitivity. If you are highly prone to sensitivity other than dental treatments, you will want to use desensitising toothpaste before going for the teeth whitening treatment. You can use the toothpaste for at least two weeks before the treatment. A desensitising toothpaste has potassium nitrate and strontium chloride, ingredients that block the transmission of pain signals from the tooth to the nerve. 

    Some people might feel some kind of sensitivity due to the heat and the chemicals used during dental treatments that penetrate the pores in the teeth. Including a desensitising toothpaste into your dental care habits will reduce the discomfort both before and after the whitening treatment. If you have sensitive teeth and feel discomfort after the treatment, make sure that you discuss all the possible options of taking over-the-counter pain reliever with your dentist.
  • Use proper shade guide – When it is about a teeth whitening treatment, choosing the right shade is certainly a good idea. You may consult with your dentist at first before getting your teeth cleaned and begin the use of the desensitising toothpaste if you have sensitivity, to find out the right shade. 

    You may go through our shade guidebook to compare between the different shades in order to match with your present shade. You can use the shade guide to compare your teeth after performing the whitening treatment and see if you have achieved the desired results. Your dentist can help to determine how much lighter shade you should choose for your natural and brighter smile.

If your teeth have lost its natural colour due to stains, our cosmetic dentists will perform teeth whitening treatment in London for your whiter and brighter teeth. Though we do not suggest the use of do-it-yourself kits, we are always ready to provide you with the necessary information for at-home whitening treatment.

  Apr 30, 2019


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