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Is It Possible To Get Invisalign Braces For The Back Teeth?

Crooked or tilted teeth are a common dental problem. Not only does it spoil your smile, but this may also affect your self-confidence. Over time, this situation may lead to other dental problems that may be more troublesome to treat.

There is no doubt that clear invisible braces represent a revolution in orthodontic treatment. Most of this treatment is directed at the front teeth but if the problem is at the back of the mouth you can have braces to support back teeth, too.

Can braces be installed on the back of teeth?

You may be surprised to know that the Invisalign clear braces in London can be used on back teeth very successfully and can straighten the most crooked back teeth. Of course, traditional braces cannot do this.

As well as invisible braces, these braces are also known as “lingual braces”. They are almost invisible at a distance but might be spotted closer up.

Are there any complications with having braces on your back teeth?

A few limitations are associated with lingual braces that you should consider before making the final decision. Firstly, these metallic-wired braces are often more expensive than other braces.

Lingual braces are also called Invisalign or invisible yet this may not always be the case because of the metal wires. To maximise treatment efficiency patients are sometimes provided with an additional rubber band that is more noticeable but can be removed for drinking and eating.

This is offered to speed up the treatment time. With this specific brace, the patients have to be more careful about what they eat as if it breaks a new one will be required.

Difficulty in speaking is the most common associated issue but that can be overcome. More time has to be taken in cleaning, as these braces cannot be removed. Invisalign makes it possible to maintain good oral health and brush and floss after every meal to prevent decay and build up of plaque.         

Do Lingual Brace take more time?

In contrast to regular Invisalign, lingual braces consume much more time to work.

The Potential Pros and Cons of having braces on your back teeth.

As these braces are not suitable for everyone, consultation with an orthodontist is essential. Lingual braces are efficient but a person suffering from large overbite will not benefit from this treatment. In such cases traditional braces will be effective.

Lingual Braces- Pros:

  • Fully customisable
  • Virtually invisible
  • Works efficiently for a plethora of orthodontic problems
  • Lowers the probability of  decalcification and marks on the front of the teeth

Lingual Braces- Cons:

  • Requires a longer treatment time  
  • It’s quite expensive in comparison to regular Invisalign
  • Maintaining oral hygiene is more difficult as stuck food at the back is not easily seen.
  • You may need some time to adapt to the braces

Decide which you think will be the best course of treatment for your dental problem or better still, visit us for a consultation and start your journey to a new confident smile.

  Dec 4, 2019


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