Dental Sealants Plan

Possible expectations from Dental Sealants Plan for School Children

Dental sealants are thin coverings that are coated on the upper chewing surface of molars to avoid the risk of cavities. They fill the tiny openings like structure on the tooth surface which is more likely to become a home for cavities. Your tooth stays protected for at least 2 years after the filling of sealants. School children without sealants are seen with cavities much more than those with sealants. Cavities when left untreated may cause infection, pain and difficulties while eating, learning and speaking.

School-based Sealant Programs

The programs provided for school-based sealants covers fissure and pit sealants to school children inside the premises. The aim of the programs is to provide protection to children across the board so that family issues or other reasons do not put a child’s oral health at risk.

With this effective step towards change, the facility of sealants can be reached to millions of children who were deprived of the dental care and protection. According to the recommendations of Community Preventive Services Task Force, children should be allowed the benefit of school-based sealants for the prevention of cavities and tooth decay.

The plan for the program includes:

  • Deciding a target population within a group of schools
  • Check for need for sealants
  • Arrange for financial, policy and material support
  • Set parameters of selecting schools for the treatment
  • Apply sealants in the school premises or at the dental clinic   

our clinic works for the protection if left out children with dental sealants. It covers the vulnerable group that is deprived of the treatment facility due to low-income problems.

Possible expectations from the sealant program

Applying sealant is a painless and fast process. When the dental practitioner has dried up and prepared the tooth for the process, the sealant is painted over the surface. The thin liquid layer is left to harden for a minute. After the sealant is applied successfully, ask your child to keep away from ice, hard and sticky candies to avoid damaging the sealant.

Remember, a sealant possess high durability and has a chance to last for as long as ten years. The dental expert will check their condition at regular oral visits and replace it as per the situation.

The increasing number of vulnerable and deprived children from dental sealants has resulted in the need school-based program for every such area. If your child’s school has not yet ben benefitted with the program, it is advised to visit our website to avail the oral protection with sealants.

  Nov 2, 2016


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