Causes of Gum Diseases

Causes and Types of Gum Diseases and Their Effects in Your Overall Health

Gum diseases are very common among adults all over the UK. The culprits behind this problem are excessive sugary foods and drinks, processed food stuffs and lethargic lifestyle. This type of problems have to be resolved immediately. Else, they not only damage your oral health  but also affect your overall physical well-being.  

Reasons behind gum diseases

Gum diseases are caused by plaque buildup on the gums’ surface. This plaque is a combination of harmful bacteria and germs, which contentiously irritate the gums. This continuous irritation results in breaking down of the gum tissues and the supporting bone structure in the jaws. Gradually, the plaque deposits affect the enamel coating, leaving the inner, soft tissues of the teeth or dentin exposed. 

How plaques are formed

Plaque is nothing but a combination of sugary foods and drinks that you have throughout the day along with the bacteria, which are naturally found in your mouth. Only maintaining proper hygiene of the mouth on regular basis can save you from plaque formation in the mouth. Therefore, it is important to brush and floss the teeth carefully at least twice every day. If the plaque deposits are not removed on time, it becomes hard and converts into tartar. It requires the professional expertise of a dentist to scrape away tartar deposits from the mouth. 

Types of gum diseases

Gum diseases are of various types, some of the major varieties are as following.

  • According to oral health experts, gingivitis is the most common type of gum diseases that are seen. It is also the mildest form of the problem and can be easily taken care off, provided the treatment starts during the initial stages. Typical symptoms of the problem include swollen, reddish and tender gums, bad breath, gum bleeding and others. 
  • When gingivitis is left untreated, it turns complicated and is called periodontitis. It causes irreversible damage to your gums and the supporting bone tissues. However, modern dentistry has made it possible to completely cure this problem. Periodontitis has two distinct stages, mild and advanced. 

How gum diseases affect your overall health and wellbeing

Apart from the symptoms mentioned above, gum diseases are potential enough to affect your other vital organs of the body, affecting your overall physical system. 

Periodontitis – in its advanced state – often leads to teeth loss problem. The lost teeth further destroy the bone structure of the jawline, causing the remaining teeth to create problems of gaping, misaligned bite or over-crowding. It also affects your clear speech and most importantly, the lost teeth destroys the once beautiful smile you had. This problem, in course of time, leads an individual to issues like low self-esteem and affects one’s mental health.
On the other hand, plaques and tartars erode away the tooth enamel, exposing the inner dentin layer. Thus, your tooth pulp as well as the tooth root may get infected in course of time as a result of this development.  It requires a root canal treatment or RCT to cure the problem and save the affected tooth.

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