6 Month Smile Braces

All Essential Information on 6 Months Smile Braces

If you’re planning to undergo modern dental treatments for teeth straightening and smile improvement, then this blogpost can be useful for you. Just keep reading till the end and you’ll see the information provided here will help making the correct decision regarding your treatment procedure.

These days, 6 months smile braces are doing the rounds in cosmetic dentistry. These are fixed cosmetic braces, that straighten the teeth in a span of just 6 months. Most people, cutting across age groups, prefer to keep their braces discreet. The six months smile treatment not only provides a fast and effective solution but also keeps your treatment discreet from others.

  • Invisible and discreet

    This treatment procedure makes use of tooth-coloured or transparent coloured wires and brackets. Thus, these tools hardly remain visible to others. The treatment procedure applies a gentle force on the teeth. This in addition to the extremely shortened treatment duration, makes it one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments of the times. Moreover, in contrast to other teeth straightening procedures practiced in cosmetic dentistry, 6 months smile is more cost-effective.
  • Tooth-coloured braces

    The most crucial element that is used in the six months smiles treatment is the tooth-coloured braces. Thus, the braces easily blend with your molars and move your teeth fast and safely to their desired positions.
  • Expected time frame

    This modern cosmetic dentistry treatment uses accelerated fixed braces. As a result, the duration of the treatment comes down around 4 to 9 months. According to the experts, some teeth – like the lower front ones – move easily. Whereas, the caninies usually take a longer time. You need an experienced dentist to undergo this specialised therapy, as the expert can provide more accurate assessment of your treatment duration, depending on the clinical diagnosis.
  • Candidate eligibility

    The eligibility criteria to avail this treatment include the following:
  1. A patient has to be above 16, having all the adult teeth fully come through.
  2. The patient should have simple to moderate case of either crooked, overcrowding or gappy teeth. (If you’ve more complex dental issues, the dentist may refer you a different treatment.)

If you’re a suitable candidate to undergo six month smiles for teeth straightening, the cosmetic benefits that come as a reward with it will automatically reach you by the year-end. For more information on this cutting-edge cosmetic dental treatment, feel free to visit our clinic by just log on to www.dulwichdentalclinic.co.uk


  Jan 5, 2018


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