Smile helps you stay better

7 Magical Ways How Smiling Helps You Stay Better

If you think your smile is only necessary when you stand in front of a camera, you should better think again! A renowned dental expert in London highlights the benefits of a natural, healthy smile as following:

  • Reduces stress level and anxiety: Smiling lowers stress-enhancing hormones in your body, like cortisol and adrenaline. On the other hand, it boosts the level of feel-good hormones like endorphin As a result of this you not only feel motivated but also experience a positive mood swing whenever you smile or laugh.
  • Lowers your heart rate: Our dentist in East Dulwich further assures that smiling decreases down your heart rate. This helps your body experience less stress, thus reducing your chances of suffering from heart diseases. Moreover, it also proves to be temporarily useful in lowering your blood pressure.
  • Boosts your productivity: Productivity automatically rises when one is under less stress and in a better mood. Creativity and problem-solving capability for every individual are both linked to a positive mind-set. Smiling (or laughing) not only helps you stay positive but also see through the humour in adverse situations.
  • Strengthens your immune system: Smiling is also a great way to boost your immune system. Spontaneous laughter that originates from the belly releases molecules in your brain to combat illnesses.
  • Lengthens your life span: Our expert, who’s associated with the reputed Dulwich Dental Clinic, mentions that smiling is found to stretch your life span. To live longer and fitter, you’ve to eat right, perform regular workouts and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. But along with these you also have to share your smile with the world.
  • Natural pain-reliever: When you’re in pain – physically or mentally – avoid frowning. It may hurt you even more. Instead, practice laughing in such situations. Experts say, smiling is a natural analgesic or pain-reliever, which not only dilutes all kinds of pain but also increases your both physical and mental tolerance to agony and discomfort.
  • Renewed performance in sports: If you’re in any then smiling is even more critical for you. Research conducted by various universities reveals, smiling minimizes a sport person’s perception of effort. It also helps them perform using less energy. As a result of their performance invariably rises to newer heights.

The noted social worker, Noble laureate and Saint Mother Teresa used to emphasize on smiling, even if at times for no reason. She used to say, “If you smile at life, life will always smile at you.”

If one of the reasons for which you may avoid smiling is your discoloured, misaligned or unhealthy teeth, relax. Modern dentistry offers myriads of ways to make your smile brighter. Contact a reliable oral health practice to avail the magical benefits of modern dentistry to resolve your teeth problems and boost your confidence to smile cheerfully.

  Dec 6, 2018


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