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5 Things You Should Know Before Undergoing Dental Implants

Dental implant is a surgical procedure that involves one or more treatments. If you are having missing or lost teeth and do not want to wear dentures, then this is the right method for you. As implants are found in almost every dental clinic, your dentist will perform a comprehensive assessment of your oral problems before undergoing a dental implant. It is important to have strong and healthy jaw and teeth that will keep the implant secured and enable you to maintain good oral health.

Check out few things you should do before undergoing implant procedure.

  • Thorough evaluation of dental complications: Dental implant is somewhat different from tooth extraction. As such, it is important to prepare for comprehensive oral examinations that include dental X-rays, CT scan and mouth assessment. These oral examinations will avoid possible dental problems both during and after the tooth implant.
  • Avoid eating and drinking for at least 8 hours: During the implant procedure, patients who will not take local anaesthesia are not allowed to eat and drink for 8 to 10 hours. If you are under sedation, the dentist will ask you not to eat or drink for the time period. This will decrease sickness and vomiting after the procedure.
  • Maintain good health condition: Like other surgeries, you need to have good health condition, before undergoing dental implant procedure. It is advised not to perform some activities that can cause cold, fever or flu. By taking healthy diet and doing proper exercise, you can actually have good health.
  • Take your prescribed medicine: Your dentist might prescribe some antibiotics that should be taken an hour before undergoing implant procedure. If you are allergic to something, inform your dentist about it so that he can give special treatment according to your need.
  • Treat tooth decay and gum disease: Before the tooth surgery, you are advised to treat tooth decay problem and gum disease. A question that arises is, “Why is this very important to be treated before performing the surgery?” This will ensure that the bone around tooth implant will not be infected. You might lose implant with natural teeth when there is some kind of infection on the jawbone, where the implant had been placed.

You may visit to book a consultation with our qualified dentist and know if you are the suitable candidate for implant. Enquire you can undergo a thorough evaluation process and know if you can have tooth implant. If you do not want to wear dentures, get yourself prepared in the long process of tooth implants which includes – comprehensive dental care examination, surgery procedure and post-surgery treatment plan.

  Nov 16, 2017


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