Common Oral Health Issues

5 Common Oral Health Issues and How to Avoid Them

Sound oral health is a basic requirement to your overall good physical wellbeing. It also helps you display a beautiful, energetic and attractive smile, which in turn boosts your mental health. But not many people in this world are blessed with faultless dental health naturally. The majority of people suffer from one oral health issue or other, some of the commonest problems include:

  • Sore mouth
  • Bad breath
  • Oral cavities 
  • Tooth sensitivity and
  • Periodontal diseases

An experienced dentist in Dulwich assures, each of these issues can be easily resolved, provided one is conscious and willing enough. Most people prefer to keep these problems under wraps, instead of bringing those out in the open for discussion and seek help. Here are some helpful tips to overcome these problems.

  • Sore mouth: In the world of dentistry, the problem is known as stomatitis and can affect any part of your mouth, including the inner cheeks and lips, tongue and even gums. Usually, it is caused by a sharp edge of a tooth or a partially broken tooth.  You’ll be prescribed balms and medicated mouthwash to cure the ulceration. Use brushes with softer bristles and apply the right brushing strategy to avoid this problem. 
  • Bad breath: The technical term is halitosis and is one of the most common oral health issues. It results from presence of some harmful bacteria in the mouth. As a home remedy, maintain proper dental hygiene by properly brushing and flossing the teeth. Increase your daily water intake and have a sip or two as often as possible. Chew sugar-free gums and avoid sugary foods and drinks. Switch your diet to fresh fruits, milk and green vegetables. If the problem persists, book an appointment with your oral healthcare provider.
  • Tooth decay: This particular dental problem is also called dental cavities. The problem affects myriads of people all over the world from all possible age groups. Many people have this misconception that cavities in the tooth occur only because of having excessive ice creams, candies and chocolates, which is a complete misconception. Cavities can form because of many factors. To prevent their formation, you should brush and floss the teeth every day to avoid or breakdown plaque build-up from their surface.
  • Tooth sensitivity: This is another typical problem in which you suffer from unpleasant sensitivity in the teeth while having something hot, cold, sweet or sour. The problem occurs when the enamel covering of the tooth wears away, leaving the inner dentin layer exposed. Do not ignore this issue and visit your dentist promptly to seek solution. Else, in course of time, the problem will only go deeper, increasing your suffering. You may also use de-sensitising toothpaste for the purpose. 
  • Periodontal diseases: This is another common dental problem and is commonly called  gum infection. Tartar buildup in the teeth along a course of time solidifies into plaque formation. Harmful bacteria present in the plaque buildup keep irritating the gums, leading to gingivitis. At this stage the problem is easily curable and there’s no irreversible damage made to your  gums. However, when the issue escalates further, gingivitis turns to periodontitis. This condition is not easy to cure and it can even pull your teeth away from the gum line, leading you to teeth loss.

In order to avoid all these challenges to your dental health, feel free to visit and book your appointment. This is a reliable destination for all modern dentistry treatments at reasonable cost.

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