Things to Know Before Invisalign

10 Things You should Know before getting Invisalign Braces

Invisalign is a perfect alternative for both teens and adults who are looking to straighten their teeth and avoid the inconveniences that come with traditional braces. Regardless, here are some important things to have in mind, before going for an invisalign treatment:

  1. Don’t overwork yourself

So many people get worked up about the insecurities associated with Invisalign treatment, even before consulting an Invisalign provider. Well, this is absolutely normal and quite understandable. For example, we’ve had cases where patients tend to over think regarding their eligibility for an Invisalign treatment. If this is the case, please visit an Invisalign provider in London before jumping to any conclusions.

  1. Invisalign are also fast and efficient:

Asides from the aesthetic feature of Invisalign, Invisalign treatments are also known to be faster and efficient than the conventional traditional braces. Most orthodontic patients start seeing visible results within 2-3 months of their treatment.

  1. Some discomfort may occur

Invisalign may appear smooth and aesthetically clear compared to metal braces. You may likely experience some amount of discomfort. However, this may vary within an individual. While some patients may experience a lot of discomforts, some few others may not.

  1. Invisalign is custom made

When you visit an Invisalign provider in London, a unique aligner tailored towards providing your orthodontic solution will be specially created for you.

  1. Your teeth may feel loose

A lot of Invisalign patients complain about their teeth feeling loose. This is completely normal, as your teeth may feel loose at the initial stage; the essence is to allow the teeth’s gradual movement to its new position.

  1. You are never too old to get an Invisalign treatment

When we think of Invisalign treatment, we probably visualise young teenagers with clear aligners’ stocked in their teeth. This is not always the case, as Invisalign treatment can be used for almost everyone with dental issues.

  1. You need to keep your aligners clean

With Invisalign treatment, cleaning and flossing your clear aligners may become your new hobby, as the teeth will need to be cleaned constantly to avoid bacteria build up in some specific areas of the teeth. It is also essential to take your aligners when eating or drinking, while you brush and floss them, before putting them back. The last thing you should desire is for food particles to become trapped between your aligners and teeth; this may result in further complications to your teeth.

  1. You may have a slight lisp

Some patients complain about a sudden change in their voice during Invisalign treatment. However, this experience may be entirely different in most patients, since every orthodontics patient experience is unique.

  1. You may have buttons

Some patients will be given buttons as part of their Invisalign treatment. These buttons are small tooth coloured like brackets that most Invisalign providers in London often attach to the teeth.

  1. You will still need to wear retainers

Being done with your Invisalign treatment doesn’t mean the whole process is over. Orthodontics patients still need to wear some set of post-treatment retainers to ensure your teeth maintain the desired beautiful outcome in the future.

Shedule your appointment with a private orthodontist to know if you are an ideal candidate for Invisalign braces in London.

  Jul 16, 2019


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